How MediaTEK can help you

If it is your job to incorporate Internet services into your organization's operating structure, MediaTEK staff can provide information on ways this can be accomplished. MediaTEK will provide useful ideas that explain how to build internal or external systems utilizing Internet technologies. Imagine increasing productivity and corporate communication with simple, widely available, easy to use systems merging your organization into the 21st century marketplace. While we don't build the actual services, we can help connect you with the right people who can.

MediaTEK expertise extends into the areas of marketing and promotion. Having produced numerous marketing pieces, newsletters, conference brochures, and World Wide Web content, MediaTEK understands the language needed to reach your targeted audience. If it is your objective to promote Internet related technologies, i.e., connectivity services, World Wide Web services, consulting & training services, MediaTEK understands the terms and ideas that motivate people to buy!

Do you or your organization need specialized Internet training? MediaTEK has a course for you. MediaTEK offers both public seminars at various locations across the country and corporate group training sessions targeted at your special organizational needs. From simple concepts like sending and receiving email to setting up a homepage for your company, MediaTEK brings seasoned professionals to you for all your training needs.

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